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Building an efficient survey automation

What to script: a survey, or an automation that builds the survey? 

26 March 2020 | Time: 16:00 – 16:30 CET (UTC+1) | Free attendance

Webinar details

We will consider 3 main areas: 

  • How to recognize that manual work is an expensive investment
  • Key principles of a survey automation
  • Case study

Why join the webinar?

Automation is a great solution to increase efficiency in the survey scripting phase - but not in every scenario: during the presentation you will learn more about the decision making and planning behind it, in order to maximize the profit of your future investments.

We'll show you our checklist with which we rate our survey scripting automations, and the key expectations they have to fulfill - which, if not handled correctly, could easily become their weak points. You will see these key principles come to life as we showcase a survey scripting automation.

About the speaker

tóth balázs dataexpert

Balázs Tóth

Data Analyst at DataExpert
Balázs Tóth has been working with DataExpert as a Data Analyst for 3 years. During this time, he acquired knowledge in multiple scripting and data processing softwares – like Unicom Intelligence, Confirmit, Nipo, Ingress alongside programming languages as SQL, JavaScript and PHP. Insights in these tools helped him to move towards the field of optimization and automation, that is considered to be his main responsibility now – in which he is going to share his experiences and learnings in this month’s webinar.

About the organizer

Working with 80 colleagues, DataExpert is the largest, independent operations support provider in Europe. We complete over 7500 projects each year in the areas of survey programming and hosting, data processing, data visualization, graphic design, MR technology transition support, custom development and Business Intelligence.

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26 March 2020 | Time: 16:00 – 16:30 CET (UTC+1)

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